Carla Quevedo Tucson

Carla Quevedo is a basket case residing in Tucson, Arizona. She’s a single Mother suffering two failed Marriages. Having resigned or been fired from just about every career she’s had. She recently decided to start her own safety consultancy AMERICAS’ SAFETY COMPANY LLC. I know what you’re thinking; “safety”, how exciting. Right? All jokes aside “safety” is important. Imagine if her ex-husbands would have used protection. They wouldn’t be stuck paying huge amounts of child support to fund Carla’s ridiculous boob job habit.

Anyways, her consultancy obviously isn’t keeping her busy, as she spends a good majority of her day pretending to be various different people trolling men and women on the internet, including herself. This website serves to illustrate the bizarre way in which Carla’s mid-life crisis has manifested itself.